Nepal.. We are with You !!!

Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we’re still at the mercy of nature.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nothing left to loose..
No life, no belongings..
Not even a ray of hope..
All buried.. Under the trash..

They were happy.. Celebrating life..
Unaware of the havoc, the destruction & decay of life..
Nature played a cruel joke..
The noise of pain.. Cries of the bleeding hearts..
The poor peace messengers..

Those resting souls..
Who left unwillingly..
Leaving memories… Saying bid-adeu
Some still tussle with life..
Like slaves before nature..


Stranded among the leftovers..
Like a skiff in an unknown Island..
No where to go, Even no escape..
Mountain of broken bricks..

Looking at our discoveries
Like searching water in mars
Landing on the moon..
Playing with missiles..
Still… We’r puppets before the nature..

Beyond our Facebook posts..
Beyond the ethical journalism
Beyond the political support
No Pain Is releaved..

A struggle for life time..
A ray of hope, peeping out of a tiny soul…
A big battle of life is yet to be fought…
Many Bleeding hearts wiping out the tears..
Suddenly the lines of Sanskrit came into mind…

“Jatasya hi dhruba Mrityu”



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