Truths Untold and Feelings Undefined

Life has been adorable…
Problems have been easier
Secrets are more friendly
Conversations are limitless
Yes, You are around…

I am happy being compared..
I am jealous seeing someone around
I am confident once I share
I am restless till I hide..
Because it’s You..


A comfort zone
A perfect hideout
A journey of lifetime
A caring shoulder
You are what you are!!!!

Those karate kids..
The moments when U r clean bowled..
That PLAYBOY memory…
The on field fights
It’s when We play..

Bed time talks
Fighting for each other
The matured teen-agers
The silly challenges
You & Me, The Memoirs

You inspire
You encourage
You guide
Yet you hide
You are indifferent..


The bullet ride…
The late night dinner
The midnight movies
The morning chit-chat
Memories with You..

It’s when I shared first
It’s when you shared first
It’s when we had separated
It’s when we met again..
We beat the TIME, quite a time.

The confessions
The long Facebook message
The faith & friendship
Fighting with the fate…
You are always with me..


Life gonna b difficult & Different
A new beginning & new innings
A perfect bowled out by a different bowler
Yet, lots of surprises & good luck
Witnessing the blessings of Lord.
Withstanding with the adversities
Awaiting.. Welcoming..
Only For You..

You are awesome 🙂




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