Who owns Rangabati !!!

However, there has been no fire in the social media and off the internet as well on Rangabati; but I just want to reaffirms my stand on the whole fiasco and share a healthy note on the issue that who owns Rangabati. However earlier Mitrabhanu Gauntia, the lyricist of the real Rangabati has admitted before that they had adapted the tune, melody and rhythm from an old Adivasi folk tune. He also admits that Rangabati has gone through many versions locally after it became popular in the late seventies.

The Original Rangabati Team, Source : Internet

Recently released new Rangabati being featured as an Item song with loads of changes in the lyrics, music has made me state my views on the whole song and to those people who have proved that Odias are really crab in nature. Recently I read an article by Tanaya Patnaik in Odisha Sun Times where she has rightly pointed out the harsh truth where she has felt ashamed of being an Odia. In a way that’s true as, the so called civil society and safe keeper of Odia tradition and culture have moved to a level where it proved the narrow minded thinking of people in the state.

There was massive fight over social media and as well as in TV and News Papers on the whole issue but MTV, Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj stay affirmed with it. The popularity of the song however, could make many feel jealous and there was a toggle at much intellectual level.

Amidst all such fight It was disheartening to see the fight between Nila Madhab Panda and Sona Mohapatra over twitter which defamed the state. Lakhs of people around the globe who follow both these celebs could see the mockery of the state with those fights. However, I do not blame any of them. My point is very clear. Whatever the reasons may be, if with all enthuse and all ethics we opposed MTV version of Rangabati then on the same grounds we can file FIR, sue the singers, start protesting and do all such of things which will again break the nerve of the statehood. It will make people laugh on us in any such national or international forums.

Sona Mohapatra in MTV Version of Rangabati

To be very honest, I am also very disappointed with the arguments of my fellow friends from Western Odisha, when you always complain about eastern and coastal Odisha with western Odisha, you should realise by complaining you have actually drawn a laxman rekha. The difference in the brotherhood in the state is at stake with this feeling. It’s like India Pakistan tussle when I see some people fight on this issues of western and coastal district. However, the truth remains the same. By virtue of our birth and statehood, we all are Odias. Irrespective of caste, color, religion and region Odisha is one state. We should not forget the contribution of our ancestral who fought for this statehood and gifted us for free.

Every time I listen and see both the songs, I feel amused. It gives me goose bumps and my feet starts moving with every beats of both the songs. When I listen it again and again both the songs are just amazingly experimented for good. No matter which becomes more popular, no matter which singer gets more mileage, no matter whosoever earns more money, ultimately it’s the songs that is touching the heights. From Sambalpur to Bollywood and MTV; it could have never happened if our people would not have spent so much time on it. The music and the song have been into our bloods and it will be there forever.

A scene from the Item song Rangabati in the film “Kaun Kitne Pani Mein”

The most infamous state for being popularly known for its leg pulling nature has marked a bench mark for Rangabati. It has become an identity which many wants to claim but in their own ways. Apart from taking credits it’s high time now to be sensible enough for taking stand on our statehood and to work, to post, to comment and to share views on the interest of the state. First of all the song belongs the state, no one is over and above the state. However, the credit goes to the original singers, the lyricist and the music composers, but making it more popular and taking it to an upper level is no harm. I urge to the artists of the original song to be liberal enough to advocate for the identity this song has given to us. Instead of getting into the controversy, we must keep sharing the efforts that our young artists took to take this song to a next level which was not at all thought of ever.

From bottom of my heart I congratulate Sona Mohapatra and Nila Madhab Panda for their bold steps but also request them to maintain the statehood intact along with their emotions and outrages, because it’s the State that matters.

NB: This article was first got published in Odisha Diary.




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