Obsession is bliss

With every passing day
I discover a new in me.
I change like the time flies
Perhaps as if we compete
The change is constant
With a new obsession
A new me..

The age old theory of Darwin
We evolve, we grow, we change
We cry we shout and we scream
We seek, we fight, we achieve
We smile, being content like a winner
What we ultimately conquor
Is a new Obsession
We are humans

Who is Buddha or Vivekananda
A human, a saint or god
A belief or a force
What made them immortal
Just a propaganda ???
Oh yes, The energy
The power to diminish the obsession

Look around
People by your sides
From Hilary to trump
From Osama to Obama
Modi to Mamta
You, me, and everyone
Are we good enough
With our thoughts
With the values we carry
With the message we spread
The paths we follow
Are not we victims
Of hipocricy
And arrogance
Rather collective obsession.

Ever tried looking at things you love most
Ever looked at your best moments
Ever thought about your biggest achievements
The best gift, the favorite dress, last holiday trip,
Memorable birthday celebration, That match when sachin scored 200
The one Sourav took off the T-shirt
All belongingness
The nostalgia moments
The #tags and all checked-ins
You know what!!!!
Didn’t you realised ???
Well, yes. You are obsessed.

Now don’t get surprised
Of all obsessions you have in life
Some I reminded and some you are connecting now
Do you think it to be wrong
Being obsessed ?
Do you think you are poised with mere obsessions in life.
Hold on your breaths.
Just another few seconds
Let me make it loud.
You are normal
Not insane
Not poised
Neither at fault
Intentionally or being innocent
Just feel free and normal.
Things what we call Obsession
Is just another Synonyms of life
You are obssesed
Means, be happy. Be content.
And thank your God or Allah or Ram.
You are OBSESSED. You are ALIVE






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