Letter to the Unknown

I may be wrong in my emotions,
I may look weird,
I may be unfit for your reciprocation,
But I am not fake
Genuineness is what my feelings are,
From the shades of tree to the cool breeze.
Everything that you feel real ,
I carry with my emotions.
I am the subtotal of empathy,
An unending sentence.
I am just a different path,
You may not choose.
I am just a wish,
You never wished for.

But remember
Things that matter most is
The truth and memoirs.
The things which just has no meaning
Yet makes you nostalgia.
Things which you never wished
But gave you comfort and peace.
Look back, again and again.
Did you feel little cold being in summer?
Yes. It is what I wished to be,
The non-existent feeling
Unwanted yet, so much soothing
No expectations, look at me
Dissolving with time
With making you more comfortable
Just feel it and let go.
Just feel it again.






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