Hide and Seek

1519904_739913122688184_613559671_oNever ever I tried to play with the beast
Its roar though rhythmic gives me goose bumps
It’s like the piano and the waves act like the keys
I tried calling it, the voice dissolved with its roar

While trying to build a connection, I saw a little crow
With all its ease, playing around
Happiness is the freedom it has
Happiness is the carefree life it enjoys
Hardly it used the wings
The tiny jumps wee good enough to escape

The jealous me, yet to find a connect
Still calling the beast to join me for a conversation
I was feeling like a loner
The motor boats were approaching the coast
The little crow was still busy
Some stray dogs joined now
All are having fun
I am left out.. the loner !

What is that I am missing it here
Why I am unable to connect
The other side of the corridor, I am clueless
The dancing waves, playing piano
The musical mystic morning
And the happy little crow
All are god enough to make my nerves down
I am broken, not into pieces but into multiple thoughts

Why I am feeling, some words I am unable to decode
The words of the waves
The musical piano
Come, let’s play….
This came from inside…
Forgetting past
Not being Nostalgic
I looked at it with questioning eyes
Started decoding the words of the waves
Started getting into the lyrics of the piano
Trying to find the rhythm which made the little crow dance
And I was broken into thoughts


Slowly I am getting into it,
The waves that are coming near and going away
Again the same things
On a repeat mode
Trying to escape from my eyes
My eye-lashes moving with its every move
My mind is shifting as it comes nearer
It is clearing out every footstep I had created
Wiping out the names I had written on the sand
I am trying again and it’s doing the same
Is it not it deliberate..¡¡¡
The words are clearer
The moves are more appropriate now
I can sense it loud
Enough for self-realisation
For my wish of playing with the beast
Hide and Seek …




Rough roads, beautiful memories

img_20161026_235546Off late the surgical strikes of Indian Army has been making news and after Saheed Hanumant Thappa Indian Army has gone viral in social media. In some places as the social media shows, BJP made posters on election campaign, Mr Kejriwal asked the PM to provide proofs of the attack and Congress released cross LOC attacks in public. The Uri attack and our return fire made lot of us little patriotic and what’s app also flooded with a candle wala DP and many forwarded messages.

Being a silent watcher of those activities I visited Srinagar, Leh, Nubra, Turtuk and Pangong where every single day and every single hour I saw a numbers of Indian Army personnel, their camps, their trucks, rocket launcherss and many things which I want to share it here.

img_20161004_155301445-copyFirst of all, above all bullets and kinds of guns, there lies a lot of artists. All army camps I went across during my visit are colorful. Beautifully decorated, well maintained and clean. I was amazed to see their cretivity and trust on my words, the arial view of any army camp of these places I mentioned will give a natural smile in your eyes.

There creativity is not only limited to colors but also in terms of words. All the camps are beautifully named and some mountains are creatively carved with those names along with the tricolor. There comes  BRO; a Familiar name you will see in every hundred meter with signage and boards. Its not the gen X term ‘Yes Bro’ kind of stuff rather an organisation originated from Indian Army. Officially known as Border Roads Organization (BRO) has been mainting and developing roads across borders in India. The people are so creative, every hundred metre you will see some funny, witty, informative and useful messages on road safety and cleanliness. And let me tell you, you can’t avoid reading them even if you are at a speed of 80km or more. They will hold ur nerves and put pressure on your right hand to lessen the accelerator.

Some messages are like

“Don’t be a Gama, in the land of Lama”

“Drinking whisky, driving risky”

“Do not gossip, let him drive”

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Above all, I have never seen any armed force or security agency so much hospitable. While crossing the hilly difficult terrains, amidst all tension and adventure what makes you smile is, you salute any army truck or jeepsy or any officer on he way, they will revert back with saluting you back and with a million dollar smile. They will give you ways to pass the roads safely. When there is jamming, first they will make your ways clear and then they will move. Remember the tracks might carry cooked food, water or fuel for the jawans at the base or at different check posts. They make sure, you travel safe.
They are more hospitable than any service industry. Can you see the softer hearts behind the tough soldiers??? I did every time during the trip.

img_20161004_145408171-copyNow let me come to the point what I have been waiting to spell out loud. I was crossing a check post and got time to interact few army personnel. It was on my way to the northern most village of India, Turtuk which was once a part of India. The check post was in the valley where, on the west, there was Pakistan just a mountain away and on the east, there was China again a mountain away. It was near the Siachen glaciers and the Hanumant Thappa point was not very far from the check post. They narrated till 1971 that post was under Pakistan and we won that during 1971 war. The valley was freaking beautiful and I was amazed to know, they remain their round the year no matter how cold it is. This is the condition of all such check posts and all such base camps. And in winter the temperature go beyond zero degree and they experience that for the sake of serving the country.

I wanted to hug few of them and let them know how proud I am feeling. But it was lunch time and they said to meet them while coming back. I crossed the check post and visited the last Indian Village Turtuk. It was worth achieving. The village is one of the beautiful experience I had during my trip. The children are most beautiful in India as many previous visitors say. These Balti tribe children are with blue eyes and blond hairs. The army has set up schools there till class 12th and you can see some children going to such schools in army trucks in fact. They will wave their hands to the visitors and with a cute smile and that will give you goosebumps.

While coming back, I crossed the same check post and I saw new army personnel and I asked for the familiar name I had met few hours before while crossing the post. The tall dark smiling face came from the down the bridge with a camouflage T-shirt and was looking fresh after his lunch. I shaken hands, we talked again. I asked his well-being. He reverted with the same. But why he is so important and why I am mentioning about him is something that will make you little emotional.

He was nonother than, an Odia bhai from a southern odisha city. Thousands miles away, when I was fascinated about Indian Army, I met this man with an Insass and when he saw my passport started talking to me in Odia. What could be more proud moment for me !!!

edited_img_20161006_145528974It felt, each member of Indian Army is someone from my family, my city, my state. They are just like us. They never bothered about what we post social media. Not bothered about what political parties claim on their victory and efforts. They don’t bother about how much salary our corporate employees get and how much they deserve. They stay with limited connectivity, limited food, limited resources, limited options. But they don’t complain. They do not show their outrage in Facebook or through open letters. They just stand there, putting their life in stake, keeping the family away, entertaining oneself with nature and with memories.img_20161005_113300123-copy

I have taken a lot of pictures and selfies during the trip but this is my personal favorite. A selfie with the man himself, can’t mention his name. I hugged him and said we all are proud of them. I hugged his friends as well.

I crossed the check post and moved ahead waving a salute and getting few in return, saw a series of army trucks few meters later and I was murmuring the song in mind.

“Kandhe se milte hain kandhein, Kadmo se kada Milte hain,
Hum Chalte hain toh aise jab, Dil dushman ke hilte hain”



India Surf Festival : One Fest Many Hues

The fifth edition of India Surf Festival was a beautiful amalgamation of arts, sports and tourism that attracted water athletes and visitors from around the globe


By Ananta Prasad

Kneeling on the surf boards, putting the paddle in front and focusing while standing up gently with both legs apart, bending the knees slightly and pushing forward on the water, taking on the ripples with the focus of a yogi – this was the most common scene at the India Surf Festival (ISF) at the Ramachandi Beach in Konark this year, be it sunrise or sunset. It was as if everyone was meditating on water amidst the gentle blue waves and surrounded by the shining white sand.

The fifth edition of ISF ignited the swell and the sands with surfing, music and art as it brought together not only surfers from across the country and abroad but also artists, musicians, designers and famous lens-men. More than 200 water athletes from across the world apart from thousands of the daily visitors added zing to an interesting event in the state’s tourism calendar.


However, the name “India Surf Festival” is a little misleading as the festival features way more than just surfing. Organised by the Surfing Yogis (a group of like-minded people who combine surfing, yoga, and nature), it’s an eco-friendly celebration of oneness that provides a creative platform for freedom of expression encompassing adventure, music, dance, art, and photography.

img_0272-copiaISF is a joint effort of Rangers Adventure Foundation (RAF) and Surfing Yogis, held at Ramachandi beach in Konark for the last five years. “The festival is an eco-friendly approach to surf for the cause ‘Carbon negative, Earth positive’,” said organiser and RAF Founder Sanjay Samantaray. “This year, ISF left no stones unturned to offer a variety of learning sessions and workshops to all its camping residents and visitors,” added Samantaray.

While Puri is traditionally known for being a temple town, over the last few years, devotees of a different kind have been thronging its shores, courtesy the India Surf Festival. The fifth edition too made a splash in November over a weekend devoted to the art of surfing, with activities for both enthusiasts and newbies.

“This festival is really impressive. I have never been to such a festival that has so many interesting elements to it. I have not been doing wave riding for long and I am really looking forward to visit this place again,” said Stephen, a surfer from Austria.

“I am a biker and I love to travel unexplored places. This Surf Festival has given me a reason to come out and explore these beautiful beaches of Odisha,” added Bulgarian tourist Mark.


img_0255ISF has always given special importance to workshops and this year too, the ‘Walk on Water’ workshops were one of the major highlights, which witnessed experienced SUP surfers coming together to try out their skills. Like every year, Alina from Spain conducted the workshop for stand-up paddle. As she mentions, stand up paddling is something that gives you peace of mind. Beyond the festival days, Alina did workshop for local residents near Kusabhadra river with 12 stand-up boards. Worth mentioning is the fact that the ISF SUP cup, which is one of the major attractions of the India Surf Festival, witnessed a few competitors who had been trained by Alina at ISF itself!

img_0867-copiaThe event featured skim boarding for the first time along with various other water sports. Four participants from Philippines experimented and also taught skim boarding to beginners at the beach. Dundoy, the skim boarding expert from Philippines said, “This time, skim boarding came to ISF and India for the first time and we were happy to see that people were so much enthusiastic about it. Skim Boarding is beyond sports. It’s adventure and also an art.”

img_0976-copia15 participants from Active 8 Sports Association of Pune and 22 participants from Long Board Crew India of Mumbai took care of the skating workshop at ISF. Long boarding and skating has been an integral part of the festival and it attracts more and more children to join the sport.

Art Installations
More than being a surf community celebration, ISF is a melting pot of ideas and creativity utilising art, music and ocean adventure and attempting to promote and encourage the use of self-sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living with the Mother Nature. It’s a congregation where everyone inspires each other through their ideas, artwork, designs, adventure, music and sometimes conversations, contributing to a cleaner ocean and beach.

This year, ISF saw some excellent art installations that hogged the limelight for all the right reasons.

img_0330-copyOrifice: This art installation was the most clicked element during ISF 2016. Almost every moment, visitors were seen taking selfies and photos in front of the installation. Named as Orifice, it was literally created out of nothing! Dibyush Jena, a resident of Bhubaneswar and volunteer at ISF created the magic out of some bamboo, dried twigs and branches of a tree.

Describing his thoughts on the installation, Dibyush said, “I created this when I was sitting all bored. For me, this installation sends out a strong message that if we focus enough, we will find perfect shape amidst lots of chaos.” Well, his installation did help a lot of people to find their perfect Facebook profile pictures!

img_0571-copiaContact: ‘Contact’ was an amazing idea from the festival curator’s mind. Vinay Pateel, the man behind the atmospheric designs of ISF, is the reason why the festival flaunts a beautiful look every year. Pateel’s installation, ‘Contact’, was a creative masterpiece that particularly grabbed eyeballs during the evenings.

With the perfect use of lights along with bamboo, cloth and metal in the shape of three flowers, Pateel had created the pathways to contact aliens so that they too could join the ISF from outer space!

img_0637-copiaBaba Tower: This was a multi-purpose tower which had the main stage on the ground floor for all performances. Designed by Faustino Canessa from Argentina, the first floor was the DJ stage and the third floor was a Watch Tower. Made completely with bamboos, this tower was looking amazing with the super moon over it on the full moon day.

img_0641-copiaThe Pointer: Shreejit Nayak from Odisha had used bamboo and lights and managed to create the beautiful installation which showed ‘the paths in life’. The installation depicted that despite the hectic lifestyle we have today; there will be these pointers that will show us the right direction.

Apart from all these organic art installations, there were these wooden sign boards designed with lots of colourful arts by Nusha Pchelkina from Russia. Then, there was this projection mapping inside domes, mapping on water and illuminated paddle boards, which symbolised the fusion of art and sports, and which was brought together by Sofi from Colombia and Alina from Spain. The desi bamboo auto rickshaw and ISF wooden cut-outs were the other eye catching elements at the festival, which were designed and executed by Faustino.

Performing Artists:


If ISF was all about surfing and adventure during the day, the evenings were dedicated to performing artists and their freedom of expression. From folk dancers to fire dancers and juggler; DJs and live bands to Indian classical music and open air concerts around bonfire, ISF this year experienced entertainment of a different kind that jazzed up the evenings.

The famous Thallavatam from Bangalore performed live music which he created from PVC pipes and plastic bottles. His music kept people hooked not to their seats but to the beach till midnight!

img_0379-copiaThe Sitarsonic from France did magic with his fingertip. His fingers were as musical as the sitar strings. He played some awesome fusion with sitar and mouth organ.

Another interesting element of the festival was Ami Shroff, the first female bartender of India doing live juggling with musical beats. She did a lot of tricks with both her hands, which was
exceptional and at the same time creative. The festival also experienced some local artists performing fire martial arts.

img_0102-copiaWith so much happening, the fifth edition too turned out to be an amazing amalgamation of arts, sports and tourism. Visitors from Russia, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, UK, Philippines, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Austria and Ukraine joined the festival and appreciated the efforts.

Of course, like every year, the festival also had different competitions including ‘ISF Surf Cup’ and ISF SUP Race (Stand up Paddle Race). Dundoy from Philippines won the SUP Cup followed by Chennai’s Apu and M Murthy as first and second runners up. Notably, the SUP Cup is India’s biggest Stand Up Paddle (SUP) competition. Racers from more than 10 countries showcased their skills along a challenging river course. Among its many attractions was the Walk on Water and Yoga on Water events, as well as skateboarding.

img_1088-copiaIn the ISF Surf Cup, Chennai’s Apu stood first followed by Dharani and Satish bagging second and third positions. Surfers from Chennai received four awards in various categories.

img_9952-copiaThat apart, a special ISF outfit known as ‘Girl Power’ had invited children and students from all backgrounds to their sports workshop two weeks prior to the  festival, providing immense opportunity to the local community to learn and understand the sports from experts. Focusing on empowerment of girl child across the globe, this initiative of ‘Girl Power’ encouraged many women into adventure sports with special focus on local communities.

img_0643-copiaThe festival came to an end with the promise to remain committed to its motto for better environment by launching community afforestation programme and cleaning the local beach as part of its celebration.


Image Courtesy : Ananta Prasad/CCubeEvents


(This article was first published in www.mycitylinks.in )





One Night inside JNU

I was getting late for my morning flight so I had to leave the gathering and meeting early.  After a 15 Minute walk loaded with heavy thoughts to pen down this article, I reached the Gate No 1 of JNU. It was almost 3am at the night. To my surprise almost a huge herd of media persons with camera and boom were standing and trying to get some sneak peak of incidents happening inside JNU. Few of them were facing the camera to give a P2C (Piece to Camera). To my surprise among the few, I could recognise Rahul Kanwal of TV Today group was standing holding the boom and mike. At this odd hour, though it was unusual I could understand the importance of the situation and the dedication of the journalist.

I spent around 3-4 hours inside the campus and tried to get the feel of the JNU heat. Since the controversy has started. There has been a fight within us. Some of us support the ‘Anti Nationals’ being termed by a few so called ‘Nationalists’. Well, that’s a million dollar question who is a real Nationalist. To find an answer to this I took pain of watching more than 20 YouTube videos related to issue and also read more than 50 such most shared articles covering both the perceptions.

Some people we call rightist and some leftist. But there are a large number of people who are free thinkers. They decision is evidence based, logic based and mostly biased with first-hand information. They keep one foot on rightist philosophy and the other feet on leftist ideology to take a stand based on their own judgement. On the same note, being liberal and logical I took another step to go JNU and get in more details about it. The atmosphere there must guide me, was the idea which I am sure I can convey properly to all.


Image Courtesy : Indian Express

A fact has evolved now, the judicial authority in India being the court has now being partially transferred to people like Arnab Goswami and channels like Zee News. If the whole country is divided in the name of National and Anti-national, then this is not because we had anti national slogans enchanted by few students. Rather because the media trail led by Arnab Goswami and Zee News provoked the whole country to do so.

While walking along the deserted roads of JNU along few of my friends from JNU, I could hear the slogans from Ad block and we headed towards that. It was around 11.30pm at night. I was trying to overheard different conversations of students discussing in different groups amidst pro JNU slogans by JUNSU. I was trying to get the real sense of democracy and the gaps. Was it antinational and violation of democratic rights or fight against the hypocrisy?

What does our democracy teach us !! To question or to blame?

I do not buy the slogans of picturing Afjal as Martyr but questioning the trial of Afjal won’t make anyone anti-national.  But who is there to take decision of sedition charges or booking someone as Anti-national; Arnab Goswami who in a way spreading hatred by his rudeness and biased media trial or Zee News, who produced the doctored video to get maximum TRP. Media as I have learned it from the best Media Institute of India, is ethical and it’s a service. Serving with facts and information is something media should be doing rather put forth the decision creating mass hatred which leads to Patiala House court incident.

Shehla Rashid started with addressing the legal complications that the JNU movement has been facing and this time her stand was much logical than before which I could see getting praised by the crowd. Mind it, this crowd is not the crowd pulled by any political party, rather gathered suo-motto in solidarity where, i could over heard, the ABVP crowd in the campus was having some DJ night in any one of the boys hostel.

My eyes were then on Umar Khalid, who said in his speech last night, ‘I am Umar Khalid and I am not a Terrorist”. Though an extreme leftist, he has also put very valid question on the media trial and without any court trial how can one be termed as Anti National. I am not at all defending him rather my views are towards the safe keeper of democracy. I was more interested to listen to Rama Naga, the GS of JNUSU originally hailed from Koraput, Odisha who is also accused of being an Anti-National. As he stated he is the only member in his family to go beyond matriculation. His anger and outrage got translated to his words and he started addressing ‘Sathiyon’ to the gathered crowd. With confidence, not very loud voice, he started and addressed the biggest question which many were asking since last few days. He made it clear, that they had not escaped. They were very much presence in the campus rather, they were avoiding legal complications.


Image Courtesy: Indian Express

Again Naga addressed with the basic idea of why the fight!!!! It is not about supporting Afjal or being Anti-National. It is being the fight against injustice. He was worried and he was concerned about his parents and family being targeted by media and others which, he has appealed not to do so.

Many people may not like me or dislike me after my this post, which may sound like pro-communist. But let me be very frank I believe in free thinking and liberal politics rather than biased decision making and fooling the whole country with miss-information which may harm the communal harmony in the country. The latest video by India Today exposing the Lawers who had beaten Kanheya and other journalists is just so pathetic in the name of patriotism.

I am amazed again to see the irresponsibility of Indian Home minister issuing false information believing on a fake social media updates. The stand of HRD Minister of putting flags all across Indian central universities and the most popular Mr Modi is silent on the issue. Where is the country heading and how the government is responding to the whole fiasco, along with unfair arrest of Kanheya Kumar has united the student mass. The #StandwithJNU tag is now trending and leading to unite more student groups all across India against the system and government.

There are questions unsolved, the release of kanheya, and trial of other accused students and so on. There is a challenge to be tolerant and face this issue. The social media fights have gone to a different level and the leaders are in making. The future of India seems bright. The leader of India is in Making. Inside the Tihar Jail.

While writing this piece inside the flight, I could see the silver lining in the sky and could feel ‘Achhedin aa gaye’.

The Irony Of A Festival That Celebrates Menstruation

I belong to a rather poor state and the State government often demands funds from the Centre to alleviate this dire issue of poverty. When I say poor, there is a lot that can be added to this definition of poverty. A state which is infamous for witchcraft and the violence on women leading to murders has a long way to go before it sees a change in the mind sets of people. This state is still witnessing pregnant mothers migrating from native villages to work in the brick kilns of neighbouring states, giving birth to babies inside dingy settlements in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This state is still struggling with an open defecation problem which is a rampant habit among men and women, but the irony is that women can only go to defecate either before sunrise or after sunset to ward off and avoid onlookers.

Amidst many such issues which put women in the back seat, there is yet another concern which is still a taboo and not much effort has been made in that direction and not many social media campaigns have been initiated to make people understand that women’s menstrual cycles are commonplace occurrence just like any other act of daily life. Being a man, I may not be able to justify the issue to others to a life-changing extent but, yes I can definitely set an example by talking about it in the open.

If I look back on my graduation days, I can still remember that menstruation was a funny topic used to crack dirty jokes against those girls who were both our batch-mates and friends.  I came to learn more about it only when I first had a girlfriend and there was this guilty feeling I underwent when I came to know about the pain and suffering she went through every month. Now however, I have been seeing a lot of awareness about this on the internet and in other forms of social media but the state is yet to become fully aware of this problem. Hence, it is now time to educate statesmen about some very important facts of life which they may or may not be aware of.


Courtesy : Menstrupedia.com

While I was listening to Mr. Anshu Gupta, the Magasaysay awardee, speak on this issue, he mentioned the poor and unhygienic sanitary practices of women and girls in many rural parts of the state. I could relate quiet well to it since I have seen that in most of the villages, shopkeepers do not even store sanitary pads and this is an indicator of the seriousness of the issue. However, in urban settings and cities even, menstruation is ridden with myths and many don’t like to talk about it In public; shopkeepers in fact use a piece of newspaper to wrap them up in.

Funnily enough, the same state celebrates a four-day long festival across the region and most importantly in rural areas, in celebration of womanhood. This festival is primarily meant for young girls and symbolizes those cultural practices which applaud the fertility of mother earth. Symbolically, the young girls celebrate the festival as a matter of joy and enjoy these four days with great enthusiasm. During the first three days of the festival and on the last day, it is traditionally a time to get cleaned up which is symbolically done by women washing their grinding stones with turmeric paste and adorning it with flowers and sindoor.

During the festival, girls wear new clothes every day and they do not do any other work apart from sitting, relaxing, roaming around and playing on tree swings since they are banned to walk about barefoot. They apply make – up and walk around in groups, visit friends and eat locally made cakes. There are several other customs and traditions and flexibility that these young girls enjoy without knowing as much as the crux the festival is premised upon. Some historians and cultural enthusiasts are absolutely clueless about the origin of this festival. However, many have admitted that the seriousness of the festival lies in the fact that people do not actually know why it is being celebrated in the first place.

‘Raja Mahotsava’ or ‘Raja Paraba’ is an annual festival that is dedicated to the celebration of womanhood, fertility and more importantly, menstruation. The word ‘Raja’ comes from ‘Rajaswala’, which actually means menstruating women. It is believed that during this time, mother earth menstruates and hence she must be given respite from work. It is even believed that the rain god/s pours heavily during this time in order to lessen the pain that mother earth undergoes. Unfortunately, this festival is being celebrated among ignorant young girls and hardly any of them even know the basics about it. It is high time they did. When people and mostly young men and women are vocal enough in many Indian cities to talk about menstrual taboos and practices, there is a further requirement for everybody to talk more about it in public spaces. Fathers should make their daughters comfortable enough to discuss these issues with and this should be included in educational curriculum across the country to make both girls and boys aware of things which are natural processes and certainly not taboos.

In most parts of the state, when people annually celebrate womanhood, it is much more welcoming and important indeed to let people know the reasons and importance behind celebrating this festival. Given the many problems when it comes to gender issues in my state, it is now time for everyone to open up about the fact that just like mother earth, every single woman menstruates as well and there is absolutely nothing to hide or be ashamed of!

This Article was first published in Menstrupedia.com



Tweet twisters; #INDvsPAK #BleedBlue

When the whole country was watching the cricket, i was watching their emotions. Following the #IndvsPak, i came across many interesting posts and reactions all across the web. Be it R Jadeja doing live tweets or any common man sittin g before the television set, all these will tell you how did India spent this Sunday, rather a Super Sunday.

(Jokes Apart: We won and they played well. Cricket wins and entertainment follows. )



The Social media was flooded with this Photo being shared by the Tennis Legend on his Face Book page this Morning. Who cares, if Maria Sharapova doesnt know Who GOD is !!!

2. Jeete to hina rabbani humari aur haare to mayawati tumhari….

(Pakistani Girls are always Beautiful 🙂 🙂 )

3Pakistan iss baat se or bhi tanav mai aa gaya hai…Ki Uski haar’ ka vishleshan krne ke liye indian news channel’ RAZA MURAD ko bulayagi ..

(Thank God Pakistan doesnt have Arnab Goswami )

4. And I suddenly Felt SHAHID ‪#‎AFRIDI‬ Is the REAL LIFE BENJAMIN BUTTON . .

(The Last survivor of the team since ages 😛 )


Afridi Trolled

5. पाकिस्तानी बल्लेबाजों की हालत ठीक उन पतियों की तरह हो रही है जो सिर्फ बीवी के सामनें संघर्ष करते नज़र आते हैं।

(Was expecting some Santa Banta Jokes)

6. Dont forget ‪#‎Misbah‬ is our man… After all he was the one who handed over the First ‪#‎T20Worldcup‬ to us.. Show some respect to the old man.


7. शोएब अख्तर जिस तरह से उर्दू के जुमले मार रहे थे वो ये लग रहा था वो कमेंट्री बॉक्स में नहीं उर्दू मुशायरे में बैठे हों।

(Rawalpindi Express trolled)


This little girl made the day

8. BIGB doing commentary looks lucky for India. The last time he did, India won and saved teen guna lagan

(Bol Bachan)

9. पीके में अनुष्का शर्मा को किस करने वाले पाकिस्तानी लौंडे सरफराज से बदला लेने का ये अपना तरीका था

(R Jadeja confirmed it..)


He is real SIR

10. Lovely University has better placement than Pakistan batsmen.

(Poor Guys)

11. आधे हिन्दुस्तान के लिए पाकिस्तान पर जीत के साथ वर्ल्ड कप आज ही खत्म हो जाएगा

(Sahi hai Boss)

12. Someone play that mauka song. I am going to burst the crackers left from diwali.

13. 6-0. Kab phodenge yaar patakhe ‪#‎IndvsPak‬ ‪#‎CWC15‬

(Best Add)


Best Ad Ever

14. और इसी बीच पाकिस्तान मे पटाखों की दूकान के बाहर बोर्ड लग गया है. “बेचा हुआ माल वापस नहीं होगा”

15. Pados Ke Mulk Se Awaaz Aa Rahi Hai Papa Jeet Gaye, Papa Jeet Gaye. 😉

( The Naughty Indian)


This is so TRUE

16. Akmal To Change His Name To DUCKMAL. A for Akmal B for Ball C for Catch D for Drop

(Catch Miss Match Miss )

17. Na Ishq Me, Na Pyaar Me, Jo Maza Pakistan Ki Haar Me.

(Gustakhi Maaff)

18. Virat Kohli scored 100 but didn’t send flying kisses to Anushka. Even Kohli Is Scared of Hindu Mahasabha.

(EPIC by Sir Jadeja)

19. कश्मीर में कुछ घुसपैठिये पकड़े गए,उनका कहना है,पाकिस्तान में लाइट नहीं है जनाब,हम तो मैच देखने आ रहे थे


Thodi sasti toh banti hai boss….

20. Afridi Is Throwing Balls At Virat Kohli’s Butt. Why Is Afridi Behaving Like Anushka Sharma? 😉

(Afridi z Gay !!!!!)

21. बहुत कम लोगों को मालूम है कि पाकिस्तान के खिलाफ ये गुस्सा कोहली ने तभी पाल लिया था जब ‘पीके’ में उनकी गर्लफ्रेंड को पाकिस्तानी लौंडे सरफराज ने किस किया था…!

(Romance of Cricket and Bollywood)

22. Why Pakistan lost?
Overheard from Pak Dressing Room just before the match started.
Pak. Players to Afridi: Bhaijan aaj har gaye to kya hoga?
Afridi: Abe, ye soch galti se jeet gaye, to English koun bolega?
Morale of the Story: Know English, beat Pakistan.


English English English English…..

Dekh Bhai Trolls…

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Dreaming With Sand

” The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”

~Pablo Picasso

An artist; may be a film star, a painter, a sculpture or musician, he is always very possessive for his creation and keeping it preserved. Artist may die but the art remains forever. Playing with the susceptible sand and bringing out some sparkly creation which the whole universe accolades is something one can rarely dream of.

I remember few years back when i was in IIMC as a journalism student, once i had got a chance to see him creating something spectacular live and had interviewed him for our in-house publication. I asked him a very particular question and his answer simply made me speech less. To my question that “Playing with the wind-swept is something that your creation doesn’t lasts long and get washed away, whether it’s disappointing or demotivating ” his answer was very promising. He said, after every creation being washed away he gets inspiration for a new. Though he keeps the photograph of every work but the very next work gives him equal pleasure and belongingness.

He is the man of Sand from the holy city Puri, who had the daring of dreaming with the sand. The recent docufiction released and made by Bhubaneswar based young promising film maker Raj Sampad has shown a different story altogether. Yes, Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik, the sand artist of International repute, dared to dream of something which is multi hued and uncertain in nature.

Raj Sampad and Sudarsan Patnaik during the shoot in Puri Beach

Raj Sampad and Sudarsan Patnaik during the shoot in Puri Beach, Photograph by : Soumya Mahapatra

Not having basic amenities for better education and to explore the creativity inside him made his path to create something with the sands which was abundant at the sea-shore which was ultimately his playground during his childhood. The shot film of 9:31 second has recited the every pain he has gone through on his way to become world-famous. Starting from working as a domestic worker to own a beetle shop for living, his sufferings and dedication thereafter has been very positively reflected in the movie “Dreaming with the Sand”.

The whirling life cycle of Sudarshan has been inspiring and the docufiction has beautifully captured the same. Like the pliable sands Sudarshan’s gritty dedication has now being carved as one of the ace sand artist of the world which has made our country proud.

Sudarshan has narrated his own story in the film and the film is being shot on the golden sands of Puri with 2 more actors who have acted as Sudarshan as a child and as a young guy. Both the actors other than Sudarshan have done justice to the docufiction and the cinematography of Raj Sampad is spell-bound which has captured the real mood of the artist and the story looks live.


Incendiary Films presents a docufiction based on the true story of the most well-known sand artist from India, Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik. From being in a rough financial predicament where young Sudarsan’s schooling was clipped to being one of the most influential sand artists on the planet.

Directed by: Raj Sampad
Narration: Sudarsan Pattnaik
SFX/Audio Engineers: Arnav Pati & Bivash Rath
Still Photographer: Soumya Mohapatra