Life Simplified

The wind spread across the coast
Said few words,
In it’s silence.
No matter how complicated life is,
Just follow me.

The sands
Could make it simple and sweet
Be it the confusions of life
Or relationships
It is needed, the believe & trust
to keep it running
to make it loving.

Have bath at my courtyard
Let me wash your stress
Let me clean you
From sorrows and agony.

From the Horizon
A voice came
You are beautiful.
From heart and from soul
You are beautiful.

Focusing on things
That are beautiful and pleasant
Are the best moments & best captures
are not by the lens, but with the eyes.

_MG_8780 - CopyObjects in the mirror (with love)
Are Prettier than they appear.

Just a little step ahead
Be the person you want to be.
Change the things you want to
Chase the target you dreamt of
I am with you.

It was never the wind,made me fly.
It was always me, myself
Who wished to be a bird

Being cage free, To fly high… higher… highest

Look at the eyes of the machine.
Which has an eye,
To make you believe,
what you saw.
But I suggest
Be the eye, Be the vision

Walk against the flow,
It will make you or break yo
But you will win
Because you tried

Beauty lies in the eyes of
BEHOLDER. Then i see you.

Moments I miss the most,
Are not gonna come again.
But memories…
Can you wipe them out.
Thousand images
and reflections
of your presence.
I see you,
through the eyes of my heart
through the lens of those memoirs.






Into the Blue

The clouds and flowing against the wind
The irritating sounds of the diesel engine
The cotravellers and their highness
I was sailing consciously with subconscious mind
I felt indifferent with the little tides
Striking along the boat and giving me Goosebumps


It roared, the thunder peeped out
The empty bottle of tuborg and kingfisher
Looking at different shades of sunglasses
I thought if i could read the minds
If I could read the hearts
I was sailing with imagination with full of romanticism

Those tall piles of Jhau trees safforning the shore
Those dark blue curves of the water
Those faded black clouds
And white shining sands
I heard someone is calling me
I followed the voice. Into the horizon

She was blushing
May be in love, may be being high
Could see the eye lashes moving ups and downs
It was going to to be dark soon
I see her smiling again
I see her blushing again


It was chilled..
Better than the beer
Sweeter than the sunset
It was the hope
Being loved being adored
I was blushing I was smiling

I loved the presence of the moment cherished for
Looking at different layers of the cloud
Bluish black and darkish blue skies
Few drop of rains
I wanted to dissolve in the waves
To sail and to enjoy the independence

The unclear foot steps on the sand
Made me realise and convinced my conscience
Life and nature are just realisation
One you live it and one you feel it
You just need to sail yourself being calm, being content

Took a deep breathe
Started realising the difficulty of the narrow path
I choosen knowing its gonna blow up
My fate and my future
My efforts and my intentions
I want to fly high… I want to sail into deep
I want to dissolve with the nature.



Kodak to Canon; My journey to see things differently

I do not remember exactly but it was sometime around when I was in class 6-7. I was quiet active in extracurricular activities and used to win prizes in many competitions. Those days, digital camera had not hit the market. During all those prize distribution ceremony most of the kids would come with their parents and with a camera to click a photo of their child getting prize. That was the time when I got developed the craze of being photographed but I was helpless and I never have a photograph of any award ceremony till 2006 when I got my first camera gifted by my brother-in-law Mr Biswa Bhusan Chhotaray.


It was also a funny incident when the marriage proposal of my sister got confirmed all were happy for the obvious reason but I was happy more than anyone because he was a cinematographer and I could now get a camera gifted. I told my sister Anusruta that I want him to gift me a camera, because he must have loads of camera, which I was perhaps too ignorant of then. However, I got my first camera KODAK EC 200. It was not a digital camera but I kept clicking. My first guide in photography was a friend who is a great artist now Sitaram, who had amazing ideas of photography. No wonder he was amazingly creative then and happens to be a very popular before he joined JJ School of Art. It was a silver color glossy Kodak which I still have and I cherish my memories with the beauty. However, the irony remained same though i had a camera but i had no one to click when i gets prize. However, this made me trying my hands on photography. The journey started with KODAK EC 200.


Quest to Succeed: A scene at Gopalpur Beach My only Photo which got awarded and i had got Rs 3000 cash prize.

I used to save money to buy reel and get those photos printed.  I still remember I was growing and my craze for a digital camera was increasingly growing. Then it came a time when i took admission in my mass com. I took this as a huge opportunity to buy a camera of my own as I was supposed to apply for study loan. It was Dhenkanal and Indian Institute of Mass Communication and I got a brand new black color Fuji Film HD 1000 Camera. The real journey of color, light, distance, micro, macro everything started with the sexy black beauty whose curves were my weakness those days.



I kept clicking with that for more than 3 years apparently which gave me loads of good names as a photographer, which I never had considered myself neither today I consider. Those days It was like I used to sleep with the camera and it had become my companion. It was very close to my heart still it reminds me those good old days.


Sometime in 2012

It was a time when it started showing issues and I wanted to upgrade to a DSLR. I had then revived from my joblessness and struggle. However, I wanted a good decent DSLR which could give me both experience of digital photo and video where I can experiment a lot. However, I had no money and I wanted to get it by loan which was a difficult task for me to get it from bank. At the same time I was also saving money , so that I can afford the down payment of a new car which I needed badly as doctor had strictly restricted from riding bike after my ligament tear surgery. However, it was also a fact that i had got the phobia of riding bike. So I wanted to go for a car which I still do not have. One of the sad angle of the story. Anyway, according to the plan, I messaged a lot of people who were very close to me and asked for some money, I had thought I will get small amount of money from these people who won’t ask for it for next 2-3 months. It is worth mentioned that these were the people whom I had helped a lot both in cash and in kind earlier; ever few had borrowed money from me. But not a single person replied and helped. So I had only option to buy either car or camera.


Canon 550D

For both the thing I needed 50,000 ruppes and only one friend Bikram who still is one of my closest friend borrowed me 10000 rupees and went Narayani Motors. Car was my first priority and that time only Maruti Alto 800 was available with a down payment of 50K. I went inside. Discussed everything and all documents were verified. They took me to show the car and comfort. I get into the car. Sat onto the driver’s seat and I could feel my extra-long legs were touching the steering wheels and it was such a discomfort to people with height. With the stroke of that disappointment my wishes of buying car got scattered and I am yet to have since last 3 years.


My First Solo open Air Photo Exhibition at Anjali National Children’s Festival in 2012

I came from the Narayani Motors and then immediately headed towards Bapujee Nagar, Spectra Vision. Our very own Prasant Bhai was waiting eagerly with his typical smile. I got the beast CANON 550D wit 18-135 Kit Lens.

Alok Mohanty, is the person who taught me basics of DSLR photography. I owe this to him. In due course i learned a lot of techniques. Starting from Sankar, Sunnil to Raj Sampad a lot of people have influenced me in their work. A lot many people have appreciated my work and i owe them for their constant encouragement. I would like to thank few subjects, who inspired me to click them. Anuradha, Madhu, Puspa these are few of my friends whom i loved to click and some of my best shots have featured their beauty.

The rest is history. I still consider myself an amateur and feel ashamed of saying myself as a photographer. Yes. I am a story teller with visuals. But there are a lot more to learn in photography. But yes, one decision I feel I took right that I never learned Photoshop. Because someone initially had told me Photoshop makes a photo better not a Photographer.




I share a unique bond with him

In my life, I always see Him walking along holding my hand and showing me the light. It may sound like a miracle but then I have experienced it; the reason why I firmly believe in His existence and feel that I share a secret and special bond with Him.

I remember it was the Bahuda Yatra of 2005. Along with two of my friends Ritesh and Mahesh, I was on a mission to pull the sacred rope of all the three rathas. After Taladhwaja and Darpadalan, we headed towards Nandighosha. The crux of pulling Nandighosha is that, once it starts moving, it stops at its own wish. It is believed that no one has any command over it.

Photo Courtesy : Nigam Patra

Photo Courtesy : Nigam Patra

Over excited and with loads of courage when we headed towards Nandighosha, I looked at the big black eyes from a distance and felt as if those were calling me. I was exhausted by that time as I had also danced for hours with the sankirtana mandalees but looking at Him, I felt re-energised. While pulling the Nandighosha, a mishap took place and there was a stampede. However, Nandighosha kept moving on its own making all the noise. I saw two huge men next to me, almost stepping over three to four middle-aged women who had fallen on the ground and were struggling to escape. I tried my best to lift them up with one hand. Somehow they managed to escape but I fell on the ground. I realised I was a part of the stampede and was being literally dragged on the Grand Road.

My friends tried to help me but in vain. I was lying on the ground. The Nandighosha was still moving and I was almost sure these were my last few moments. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the Lord. The next thing I felt was someone trying to wake me up, holding my hands. A few seconds later, when I finally opened my eyes, I found my friends Mahesh and Ritesh lifting me up and the next moment I found myself holding the rope once again. The Nandighosha was still moving at its usual speed, making noises, amidst the chants and sound of the ghanta and I could feel few drops of tears rolling down my eyes. I knew I was reborn.

Photo Courtesy : Debi & Parul

Photo Courtesy : Debi & Parul

There have been many such incidents in my life where I have felt that the Lord has come to my rescue, lending His hand to me. My connection with the Lord, the temple and the festival of Rath Yatra is therefore very special. It can be hardly expressed in words.

My first formal meeting with Him was in 1996, during the last Nabakalebara. Although I was a kid then, I have fond memories of the grand event. It was during that time that I had made Him a friend and though 19 years have passed, our friendship continues. I have been witnessing the Car Festival for more than 18 years now and every time it comes, I feel energised. Last year, I was in Bangalore and there also at the Bangalore Jagannath Temple, I experienced similar feelings. I could almost feel Him, smiling at me, almost telling me, “Wherever you go, my shadow follows.”

As far as changes over the years are concerned, lots of them have taken place but this year is something different. It’s more like a techno-hyped Car Festival! With advanced social media campaign, launching of mobile apps and wi-fi services, the festival seems to be more digitalised this year. At least eight TV channels and other agencies are doing the live broadcast and streaming of Nabakalebara Ratha Yatra this time. But the connection between the devotees and Lord remains the same.

Selfie with the God 🙂

Although the current chaos regarding a few bitter truths that have emerged and the shameless acts of a few individuals that have been brought under limelight have disheartened several devotees like me, what remains same is the excitement and eagerness to see the Lord with the Tahia coming down from the Sri Mandira to sit at the Nandighosa. Be it any controversy or mismanagement, the Rath Yatra will never lose its identity and nothing can stop devotees from coming to the Holy City to immerse in the religious fervor of this grand festival.

All I can say at the end is that if you have ever felt depressed, disheartened or heart-broken, just visit the Shri Mandira. Sit inside the temple in front of the north gate. Look at the Patitapabana. Life will appear simple and resolved. This isn’t spiritualism, this is self-realisation. It’s a belief that He exists.

(Brought up in Puri, Ananta Prasad is a development sector professional who calls himself a Jagannathia. Incidentally, this 26-year-old young guy was recently in limelight for getting a huge tattoo on Nabakalebara done on his back!)

The is the article that got published in My City Links (Tabloid published from BBSR) in is last issue which has a cover story on Nabakalebara and Ratha Yatra 2015.



The Little Drops of HOPE

The dry minds and dry soil
The dry eyes and dry air
Looking for salvation
Searching for peace
The little hopes and little drops..
Come. Sprinkle away some happiness.

Nobody has control
Neither can make it happen
When they want;  when they need.
Their desire diminishes
The little hopes and little drops.
Come, let the world know, class creed and color are just words in the dictionary


Look at the trees and green leaves
Look at the windows and thatched houses
Also the peacock and farmer…
Soaked, yet beautiful and pleasant
The little hopes and little drops.
Come. Be a messenger of giving.

The blue sky and blue sea
The fluffy birds and stray dogs
The fear and helplessness
Unpredictable, Unpreparedness
The little hopes & little drops.
Let all feel with warmth & Compassion


The poet & the lover
The poems and letters
Drenched with romance
Thrilled with sensuality
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Enthrall the hearts with love & purity


Colors of rainbow & of horizon
Smell of the sand & soil
Nature paint it well
Architect of beauty and elegance
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Let us fall for nature again and again

The thunder and dew
The dusky dawn
With the fear of darkness
Blinking eyes looking for silver lining
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Keep on pouring and let the hopes alive forever…





Photo: Ananta Prasad Location: Puri Beach

Away from the hustle bustle
Away from the worry, agonies
Away from the cages of emotions
You see at it and it shows you nothing

Things that kill you silence are silent here
Things that fills your mind are empty here
Things that makes you machine are broken here…
You try to be yourself and it makes you human.

Perhaps happiness lies in some silence
Perhaps that silence is its noise..
Perhaps the noise is your desire..
Close your eyes and feel your desires fulfilled

Think you are insane and mad..
Think you are just a soul
Think you have nothing left to loose
You are free, freedom is knocking.

Lovely is the air, the winds, the waves
Wash away things unwanted and undesired..
Embrace your imagination.. Ur fantasy..
Tell a story..
The story of life..
The story of existence..


Photograph by : Ananta Prasad Location: Chandipur Beach

Happily… 16d622812e8397872247ecca9cf51dd5