Kodak to Canon; My journey to see things differently

I do not remember exactly but it was sometime around when I was in class 6-7. I was quiet active in extracurricular activities and used to win prizes in many competitions. Those days, digital camera had not hit the market. During all those prize distribution ceremony most of the kids would come with their parents and with a camera to click a photo of their child getting prize. That was the time when I got developed the craze of being photographed but I was helpless and I never have a photograph of any award ceremony till 2006 when I got my first camera gifted by my brother-in-law Mr Biswa Bhusan Chhotaray.


It was also a funny incident when the marriage proposal of my sister got confirmed all were happy for the obvious reason but I was happy more than anyone because he was a cinematographer and I could now get a camera gifted. I told my sister Anusruta that I want him to gift me a camera, because he must have loads of camera, which I was perhaps too ignorant of then. However, I got my first camera KODAK EC 200. It was not a digital camera but I kept clicking. My first guide in photography was a friend who is a great artist now Sitaram, who had amazing ideas of photography. No wonder he was amazingly creative then and happens to be a very popular before he joined JJ School of Art. It was a silver color glossy Kodak which I still have and I cherish my memories with the beauty. However, the irony remained same though i had a camera but i had no one to click when i gets prize. However, this made me trying my hands on photography. The journey started with KODAK EC 200.


Quest to Succeed: A scene at Gopalpur Beach My only Photo which got awarded and i had got Rs 3000 cash prize.

I used to save money to buy reel and get those photos printed.  I still remember I was growing and my craze for a digital camera was increasingly growing. Then it came a time when i took admission in my mass com. I took this as a huge opportunity to buy a camera of my own as I was supposed to apply for study loan. It was Dhenkanal and Indian Institute of Mass Communication and I got a brand new black color Fuji Film HD 1000 Camera. The real journey of color, light, distance, micro, macro everything started with the sexy black beauty whose curves were my weakness those days.



I kept clicking with that for more than 3 years apparently which gave me loads of good names as a photographer, which I never had considered myself neither today I consider. Those days It was like I used to sleep with the camera and it had become my companion. It was very close to my heart still it reminds me those good old days.


Sometime in 2012

It was a time when it started showing issues and I wanted to upgrade to a DSLR. I had then revived from my joblessness and struggle. However, I wanted a good decent DSLR which could give me both experience of digital photo and video where I can experiment a lot. However, I had no money and I wanted to get it by loan which was a difficult task for me to get it from bank. At the same time I was also saving money , so that I can afford the down payment of a new car which I needed badly as doctor had strictly restricted from riding bike after my ligament tear surgery. However, it was also a fact that i had got the phobia of riding bike. So I wanted to go for a car which I still do not have. One of the sad angle of the story. Anyway, according to the plan, I messaged a lot of people who were very close to me and asked for some money, I had thought I will get small amount of money from these people who won’t ask for it for next 2-3 months. It is worth mentioned that these were the people whom I had helped a lot both in cash and in kind earlier; ever few had borrowed money from me. But not a single person replied and helped. So I had only option to buy either car or camera.


Canon 550D

For both the thing I needed 50,000 ruppes and only one friend Bikram who still is one of my closest friend borrowed me 10000 rupees and went Narayani Motors. Car was my first priority and that time only Maruti Alto 800 was available with a down payment of 50K. I went inside. Discussed everything and all documents were verified. They took me to show the car and comfort. I get into the car. Sat onto the driver’s seat and I could feel my extra-long legs were touching the steering wheels and it was such a discomfort to people with height. With the stroke of that disappointment my wishes of buying car got scattered and I am yet to have since last 3 years.


My First Solo open Air Photo Exhibition at Anjali National Children’s Festival in 2012

I came from the Narayani Motors and then immediately headed towards Bapujee Nagar, Spectra Vision. Our very own Prasant Bhai was waiting eagerly with his typical smile. I got the beast CANON 550D wit 18-135 Kit Lens.

Alok Mohanty, is the person who taught me basics of DSLR photography. I owe this to him. In due course i learned a lot of techniques. Starting from Sankar, Sunnil to Raj Sampad a lot of people have influenced me in their work. A lot many people have appreciated my work and i owe them for their constant encouragement. I would like to thank few subjects, who inspired me to click them. Anuradha, Madhu, Puspa these are few of my friends whom i loved to click and some of my best shots have featured their beauty.

The rest is history. I still consider myself an amateur and feel ashamed of saying myself as a photographer. Yes. I am a story teller with visuals. But there are a lot more to learn in photography. But yes, one decision I feel I took right that I never learned Photoshop. Because someone initially had told me Photoshop makes a photo better not a Photographer.




IIMC: Best Thing happened to me ever


Photographs by Ananta Prasad (2009-10)

I remember the final year during my graduations. This was very much happening in my life as well as things were cooking up in mind to face all odds as i could visualize the uncertainties. The best of was i was in a relationship which made me feeling responsible for career. Though i was a good student in Commerce and had cleared CPT (the first round of Charted Accountancy), the later was history and took me in a different direction.

As finance was a biggest constraint and Completing CA would have cost me 5 valuable years and my girl friend then had this fear that her parents would get her married in coming 2 or max 3 years. Being driven by both the reasons i was looking for some cheaper course which can make me capable of learning handsome amount in minimum time period.

I feel very surprised when i see guys in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack knows many things during the graduation and the knowledge of higher studied is something i was not having at all by the time i completed graduation. I never knew about IIMC or any other professional studies other than CA, CS, Costing and MBA.

Somehow me and my girlfriend decided to study in the same college after graduation and hence, we appeared for NIRD i.e National Institute of Rural Development. I was so sure of getting into that i just broke when the results were out and we both failed to crack the entrance. However, she was made up her mind for MBA coaching and i was then completely blank.

Then it came IIMC during the last days and i applied for it. I really want to thank VMS (Vande Mataram Society) the debating club in my college where i knew about IIMC. Swati nani was a great help and we both prepared for IIMC Entrance and cracked it as well. It was a blessing for me to have my girlfriend with me who remained a source of encouragement and she was with me when i went to buy IIMC form and i still remember it was 22nd March 2009. What a day it was !!!!

She also was with me when i got selected an appeared for the GD and PI at IIMC. She was always my lucky charm…. After her if something i loved the most it is IIMC.

They call is as IIMC, I call it my heavenly HOME.

They call it as IIMC, I call it my heavenly HOME, Photo by: Akash Sinha

Memories that i have in IIMC is something can’t be best expressed in words or in this blog.. Beyond the words, IIMC made me civilized. It gave me a vision. I started thinking about the world after coming IIMC. Moreover i became a better human being and had self reconciliation. It gave me one identity which i was always searching for.

After 5 years so far when someone is asking me about something i am proud of about myself, i have IIMC as an answer. I was never homesick but being in the campus gave me a home like feeling that i skipped going home. Every year after passing out, i used to visit the campus for at least for 2 times in a year. My batch mates from batch 2009-10 in Odisha, we always meet at IIMC twice a year, on Foundation day and during Laxmi Puja.

Its been away from Odisha since some months and i have been missing IIMC. Thanks to Itishree whose poem made me nostalgic and this video is dedicated to all those who are a part of this lovely institute.