The Little Drops of HOPE

The dry minds and dry soil
The dry eyes and dry air
Looking for salvation
Searching for peace
The little hopes and little drops..
Come. Sprinkle away some happiness.

Nobody has control
Neither can make it happen
When they want;  when they need.
Their desire diminishes
The little hopes and little drops.
Come, let the world know, class creed and color are just words in the dictionary


Look at the trees and green leaves
Look at the windows and thatched houses
Also the peacock and farmer…
Soaked, yet beautiful and pleasant
The little hopes and little drops.
Come. Be a messenger of giving.

The blue sky and blue sea
The fluffy birds and stray dogs
The fear and helplessness
Unpredictable, Unpreparedness
The little hopes & little drops.
Let all feel with warmth & Compassion


The poet & the lover
The poems and letters
Drenched with romance
Thrilled with sensuality
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Enthrall the hearts with love & purity


Colors of rainbow & of horizon
Smell of the sand & soil
Nature paint it well
Architect of beauty and elegance
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Let us fall for nature again and again

The thunder and dew
The dusky dawn
With the fear of darkness
Blinking eyes looking for silver lining
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Keep on pouring and let the hopes alive forever…






Photo: Ananta Prasad Location: Puri Beach

Away from the hustle bustle
Away from the worry, agonies
Away from the cages of emotions
You see at it and it shows you nothing

Things that kill you silence are silent here
Things that fills your mind are empty here
Things that makes you machine are broken here…
You try to be yourself and it makes you human.

Perhaps happiness lies in some silence
Perhaps that silence is its noise..
Perhaps the noise is your desire..
Close your eyes and feel your desires fulfilled

Think you are insane and mad..
Think you are just a soul
Think you have nothing left to loose
You are free, freedom is knocking.

Lovely is the air, the winds, the waves
Wash away things unwanted and undesired..
Embrace your imagination.. Ur fantasy..
Tell a story..
The story of life..
The story of existence..


Photograph by : Ananta Prasad Location: Chandipur Beach

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IIMC: Best Thing happened to me ever


Photographs by Ananta Prasad (2009-10)

I remember the final year during my graduations. This was very much happening in my life as well as things were cooking up in mind to face all odds as i could visualize the uncertainties. The best of was i was in a relationship which made me feeling responsible for career. Though i was a good student in Commerce and had cleared CPT (the first round of Charted Accountancy), the later was history and took me in a different direction.

As finance was a biggest constraint and Completing CA would have cost me 5 valuable years and my girl friend then had this fear that her parents would get her married in coming 2 or max 3 years. Being driven by both the reasons i was looking for some cheaper course which can make me capable of learning handsome amount in minimum time period.

I feel very surprised when i see guys in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack knows many things during the graduation and the knowledge of higher studied is something i was not having at all by the time i completed graduation. I never knew about IIMC or any other professional studies other than CA, CS, Costing and MBA.

Somehow me and my girlfriend decided to study in the same college after graduation and hence, we appeared for NIRD i.e National Institute of Rural Development. I was so sure of getting into that i just broke when the results were out and we both failed to crack the entrance. However, she was made up her mind for MBA coaching and i was then completely blank.

Then it came IIMC during the last days and i applied for it. I really want to thank VMS (Vande Mataram Society) the debating club in my college where i knew about IIMC. Swati nani was a great help and we both prepared for IIMC Entrance and cracked it as well. It was a blessing for me to have my girlfriend with me who remained a source of encouragement and she was with me when i went to buy IIMC form and i still remember it was 22nd March 2009. What a day it was !!!!

She also was with me when i got selected an appeared for the GD and PI at IIMC. She was always my lucky charm…. After her if something i loved the most it is IIMC.

They call is as IIMC, I call it my heavenly HOME.

They call it as IIMC, I call it my heavenly HOME, Photo by: Akash Sinha

Memories that i have in IIMC is something can’t be best expressed in words or in this blog.. Beyond the words, IIMC made me civilized. It gave me a vision. I started thinking about the world after coming IIMC. Moreover i became a better human being and had self reconciliation. It gave me one identity which i was always searching for.

After 5 years so far when someone is asking me about something i am proud of about myself, i have IIMC as an answer. I was never homesick but being in the campus gave me a home like feeling that i skipped going home. Every year after passing out, i used to visit the campus for at least for 2 times in a year. My batch mates from batch 2009-10 in Odisha, we always meet at IIMC twice a year, on Foundation day and during Laxmi Puja.

Its been away from Odisha since some months and i have been missing IIMC. Thanks to Itishree whose poem made me nostalgic and this video is dedicated to all those who are a part of this lovely institute.



Let me Re-think


It just took me almost 25 days to finalize a name for the same… Finally while working on my first post.. This is something i always believe. I think rethink and think again and again but i do believe in miracle.

Be it a cricket match where India is struggling or any competition where i face big shots or any job where i don’t match the qualification, i believe i have the potential and miracle do happen.

This belief of mine has led to many decisions that i have taken and trust me i never repented. Rethinking on my every step has made me strong, confident and more energetic… Things have gone against my wish but still i am standing no matter how much struggle i have faced and how much are in pipeline..

Believing on the miracle never mean that i am idle rather this means all my efforts will be towards make the miracle happen towards what i want to achieve.. Trust me or not i have seen miracles happening.. Have seen death and returning to life again.. have seen impossible things happening and U turn of possibilities as well.

For me certain things do carry importance and i wish my hard work and commitment will make this happen.. Miracles are in our hands only.. one just need to find it out with his preferences..