Let me Re-think


It just took me almost 25 days to finalize a name for the same… Finally while working on my first post.. This is something i always believe. I think rethink and think again and again but i do believe in miracle.

Be it a cricket match where India is struggling or any competition where i face big shots or any job where i don’t match the qualification, i believe i have the potential and miracle do happen.

This belief of mine has led to many decisions that i have taken and trust me i never repented. Rethinking on my every step has made me strong, confident and more energetic… Things have gone against my wish but still i am standing no matter how much struggle i have faced and how much are in pipeline..

Believing on the miracle never mean that i am idle rather this means all my efforts will be towards make the miracle happen towards what i want to achieve.. Trust me or not i have seen miracles happening.. Have seen death and returning to life again.. have seen impossible things happening and U turn of possibilities as well.

For me certain things do carry importance and i wish my hard work and commitment will make this happen.. Miracles are in our hands only.. one just need to find it out with his preferences..