Life Simplified

The wind spread across the coast
Said few words,
In it’s silence.
No matter how complicated life is,
Just follow me.

The sands
Could make it simple and sweet
Be it the confusions of life
Or relationships
It is needed, the believe & trust
to keep it running
to make it loving.

Have bath at my courtyard
Let me wash your stress
Let me clean you
From sorrows and agony.

From the Horizon
A voice came
You are beautiful.
From heart and from soul
You are beautiful.

Focusing on things
That are beautiful and pleasant
Are the best moments & best captures
are not by the lens, but with the eyes.

_MG_8780 - CopyObjects in the mirror (with love)
Are Prettier than they appear.

Just a little step ahead
Be the person you want to be.
Change the things you want to
Chase the target you dreamt of
I am with you.

It was never the wind,made me fly.
It was always me, myself
Who wished to be a bird

Being cage free, To fly high… higher… highest

Look at the eyes of the machine.
Which has an eye,
To make you believe,
what you saw.
But I suggest
Be the eye, Be the vision

Walk against the flow,
It will make you or break yo
But you will win
Because you tried

Beauty lies in the eyes of
BEHOLDER. Then i see you.

Moments I miss the most,
Are not gonna come again.
But memories…
Can you wipe them out.
Thousand images
and reflections
of your presence.
I see you,
through the eyes of my heart
through the lens of those memoirs.






You own Me

The desire of the whole universe
To see the living lord
Incarnated on own wish
Hey! Lord of the Universe
Show me path to reach you.
Teach me ways to preach you.


They whispered;
You were dead and was born again
The ignorant crowd, the innocent souls
Hey! Lord of the Universe
Sprinkle away your blessings
Let them feel your existence in their breathe.

I read it in the newspaper
They saw your soul
Even, they touched it
Hey, Lord of the Universe
Let them be in illusions
Let them be the victim of their stupidity.

I see you in the sea
I see you in the sand
I see you every where
Hey! Lord of the Universe
You even exist in the darkness
Of my closed eyes.

The time when I saw life
The time when I saw death
The time when I realised its you
Hey! Lord of the Universe
That thin line of life and death
Is what made me believe on you.





Photo: Ananta Prasad Location: Puri Beach

Away from the hustle bustle
Away from the worry, agonies
Away from the cages of emotions
You see at it and it shows you nothing

Things that kill you silence are silent here
Things that fills your mind are empty here
Things that makes you machine are broken here…
You try to be yourself and it makes you human.

Perhaps happiness lies in some silence
Perhaps that silence is its noise..
Perhaps the noise is your desire..
Close your eyes and feel your desires fulfilled

Think you are insane and mad..
Think you are just a soul
Think you have nothing left to loose
You are free, freedom is knocking.

Lovely is the air, the winds, the waves
Wash away things unwanted and undesired..
Embrace your imagination.. Ur fantasy..
Tell a story..
The story of life..
The story of existence..


Photograph by : Ananta Prasad Location: Chandipur Beach

Happily… 16d622812e8397872247ecca9cf51dd5

Happy Teacher’s Day

“They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it”
Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

During my Last Meeting with Chakravarty Sir at Puri. Photo: Chetan

During my Last Meeting with Chakravarty Sir at Puri.
Photo: Chetan

First he was my teacher… then he became my brother.. Then friend and at last became my father… i must say more than a father…

At my every major decision i have taken his blessings. He was a strength in disguise for me. He was my mentor for 5 years. He shaped me in the best possible way. I have cried before him and have criticized him as well. I had never so comfortable with a teacher before. Be it any issue i have always looked for his suggestions.

With Chakravarty Sir on 14th February 2008. Celebrating Valentines Day and getting blessings for something i can't share here.

With Chakravarty Sir on 14th February 2008. Celebrating Valentines Day and getting blessings for something i can’t share here.

I remember all my conversation so far with him. The last time i met him was something special. It was highly needed and for the first time i didn’t obey his words. For the first time he was angry on me and i know that was with loads of care for me. I don’t know sir, if i can achieve what i want but i wont ever put you down.

I remember all 5 Teachers Day celebrations with you and every time you smile and that smile happens to be the best lesson for me at a personal note. Today, after almost 8 years and more, i look upto you on this day for your blessings. I do not have courage to call you or message you but i know your blessings will be with me always.


Happy Teacher’s Day Sir… I miss you every day and every moment… Best are those days with you… Will cherish them forever…







Dreaming With Sand

” The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”

~Pablo Picasso

An artist; may be a film star, a painter, a sculpture or musician, he is always very possessive for his creation and keeping it preserved. Artist may die but the art remains forever. Playing with the susceptible sand and bringing out some sparkly creation which the whole universe accolades is something one can rarely dream of.

I remember few years back when i was in IIMC as a journalism student, once i had got a chance to see him creating something spectacular live and had interviewed him for our in-house publication. I asked him a very particular question and his answer simply made me speech less. To my question that “Playing with the wind-swept is something that your creation doesn’t lasts long and get washed away, whether it’s disappointing or demotivating ” his answer was very promising. He said, after every creation being washed away he gets inspiration for a new. Though he keeps the photograph of every work but the very next work gives him equal pleasure and belongingness.

He is the man of Sand from the holy city Puri, who had the daring of dreaming with the sand. The recent docufiction released and made by Bhubaneswar based young promising film maker Raj Sampad has shown a different story altogether. Yes, Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik, the sand artist of International repute, dared to dream of something which is multi hued and uncertain in nature.

Raj Sampad and Sudarsan Patnaik during the shoot in Puri Beach

Raj Sampad and Sudarsan Patnaik during the shoot in Puri Beach, Photograph by : Soumya Mahapatra

Not having basic amenities for better education and to explore the creativity inside him made his path to create something with the sands which was abundant at the sea-shore which was ultimately his playground during his childhood. The shot film of 9:31 second has recited the every pain he has gone through on his way to become world-famous. Starting from working as a domestic worker to own a beetle shop for living, his sufferings and dedication thereafter has been very positively reflected in the movie “Dreaming with the Sand”.

The whirling life cycle of Sudarshan has been inspiring and the docufiction has beautifully captured the same. Like the pliable sands Sudarshan’s gritty dedication has now being carved as one of the ace sand artist of the world which has made our country proud.

Sudarshan has narrated his own story in the film and the film is being shot on the golden sands of Puri with 2 more actors who have acted as Sudarshan as a child and as a young guy. Both the actors other than Sudarshan have done justice to the docufiction and the cinematography of Raj Sampad is spell-bound which has captured the real mood of the artist and the story looks live.


Incendiary Films presents a docufiction based on the true story of the most well-known sand artist from India, Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik. From being in a rough financial predicament where young Sudarsan’s schooling was clipped to being one of the most influential sand artists on the planet.

Directed by: Raj Sampad
Narration: Sudarsan Pattnaik
SFX/Audio Engineers: Arnav Pati & Bivash Rath
Still Photographer: Soumya Mohapatra…