The Little Drops of HOPE

The dry minds and dry soil
The dry eyes and dry air
Looking for salvation
Searching for peace
The little hopes and little drops..
Come. Sprinkle away some happiness.

Nobody has control
Neither can make it happen
When they want;  when they need.
Their desire diminishes
The little hopes and little drops.
Come, let the world know, class creed and color are just words in the dictionary


Look at the trees and green leaves
Look at the windows and thatched houses
Also the peacock and farmer…
Soaked, yet beautiful and pleasant
The little hopes and little drops.
Come. Be a messenger of giving.

The blue sky and blue sea
The fluffy birds and stray dogs
The fear and helplessness
Unpredictable, Unpreparedness
The little hopes & little drops.
Let all feel with warmth & Compassion


The poet & the lover
The poems and letters
Drenched with romance
Thrilled with sensuality
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Enthrall the hearts with love & purity


Colors of rainbow & of horizon
Smell of the sand & soil
Nature paint it well
Architect of beauty and elegance
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Let us fall for nature again and again

The thunder and dew
The dusky dawn
With the fear of darkness
Blinking eyes looking for silver lining
The little hopes and little drops
Come. Keep on pouring and let the hopes alive forever…